Ghost - 3 Stars (Good)

Ghost is everything that is right about a really scary movie. There are clearly good guys and bad guys, there is uncertainty about whether all of the good guys will be standing at the end of the movie, there is romance, there is sacrifice, there is redemption, there is the surreal to deal with, there is trying to stay grounded in reality, there is good and evil, and there is the eternal question of whether good will triumph in the end.

Ghost begins innocently enough as Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) have a romance heading toward marriage when he is killed by a thug during a mugging. Upon death Sam experiences an out-of-body awareness that he has not left this world, he can see as if he is here, but no one can see or hear him.

Sam's out-of-body experience in Ghost works because Sam is not only an observer of what is happening, but he is a participant in the story line of the existing action.

Sam does not realize that Carl (Tony Goldwyn), his co-worker at the bank, has hired Willie (Rick Aviles) the mugger to relieve Sam of his wallet, which contains the passwords to the bank accounts of well-heeled customers. Carl needs the passwords because he is tied to a drug money laundering operation and will be killed if he does not accomplish the transaction on time.

Only later does Sam hear his friend Carl scold Willie for bungling the job by not getting the passwords and killing Sam in the process.

Sam then realizes that Molly is Carl and Willie's next target because they think the passwords remain in Molly's apartment. Sam is temporarily able to keep Molly out of harm's way but must find a way to communicate to her the danger that lurks ahead.

His answer lies in the discovery of Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg), a scam spiritualist who, much to her surprise and distress, can hear Sam but not see him. So it is up to Oda Mae, through Sam's knowledge and credibility, to convince Molly that her life is in danger.

Oda Mae goes a little crazy with her new newfound ability, but eventually, with Sam's help, warns Molly of her imminent danger. Carl wants the passwords and will kill Molly to get them, especially after Sam and Oda Mae thwart his ability to move money through the bank.

The ending to Ghost is simply too good and too surprising to share here, the suspense is spellbinding and the result is worth the trauma. Ghost is a romantic movie set as a drama with danger. Ghost also gets better as it goes along, so you need to hang in there to appreciate what happens.

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Ghost is a movie we want to believe. We buy into it because of Sam and Molly's relationship, we grab it and hold on when tragedy strikes, then we want to let go when danger sets in, and Ghost will not let us go, we are doomed to ride with the eventual fate of the story. The ending proves this is a great movie that is worth our attention, hence our fervent and subtle imagination is satisfied and at rest when the curtain closes.

Whoopi Goldberg manages to turn her performance into an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress, and the screenplay writer, Bruce Joel Rubin, also won an Oscar. This is one of the best screenplays I have seen, and Rubin certainly deserved to take home the hardware.

I almost gave Ghost a 4, my highest ranking, but kept it at 3, reserving the right to raise its ranking at a later date, something that is certain to happen should I have any out-of-body experiences in my future.

2014 Cleveland Browns Draft Report

Believe it or not, the Cleveland Browns once scored a 15-0 season and remain undefeated in the league. Of coarse that was 1948 and in a league called the All-American Football Conference (not the NFL). In recent times, the team has struggled to remain competitive with some monstrously successful teams of the modern era. In 2014, the Browns performed at fairly consistent level, earning a 10-6 score record and finishing second place in the AFC North. Under the guidance of head coach Romeo Crennel, will the team continue with their midrange success or compete for the championship? The answer may well lie in the NFL Draft.

Heading into the draft, the Cleveland Browns did not have a selection in the first three rounds. What was the result of the team's draft pick? They got to choose linebacker Beau Bell from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, as well as tight end Martin Rucker from Missouri. Ahtyba Rubin from Iowa State was chosen as a defensive tackle, along with wide receiver Paul Hubbard from Wisconsin, and defensive end Alex Hall from St. Augustine's.

A Guide to Crystal Chandeliers

Purchasing a crystal chandelier is similar to buying a diamond. Not all crystal is created equal. Crystal may be machine-cut, hand cut or molded. The cost of your chandelier can fluctuate drastically depending on the quality of crystal you choose. Most fixtures are available in four qualities of crystal.

Lights of Distinction - the Crystorama Lighting Group and James R. Moder are two of the largest manufacturers of Crystal Chandeliers.

Strass Crystal:

Strass Crystal is considered the finest in the world. Strass is manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps. Strass is an optically pure crystal, clear as spring water, totally free of flaws, unique in purity and brilliance. Strass crystal is characterized by razor-sharp cutting of facets (surfaces) with the lead content in excess of 30 percent. Cutting and polishing are done by machine to achieve perfect optical clarity. Strass crystals are treated with an invisible coating, which eliminates dust attraction and makes it easier to clean and maintain. Each crystal (over 12mm) has the distinct STRASSВ® laser engraved signature, identifying it as a genuine STRASSВ® Crystal.

Book Review Motown Bass

Being an avid fan of the bass playing of James Jamerson and the Motown bass sound I have every publication that even remotely relates to Jamerson's bass playing. This is a review of Motown Bass by Dave Rubin, a title in the Bass Signature Licks series.

What's Motown Bass About?

The book Motown Bass by Dave Rubin is subtitled: 'A step by step breakdown of the bass styles and techniques of Motown.' There is a brief introduction that sketches Jamerson's influence on the Motown sound - and mentions some of the other guys who played bass for Motown - and then the book quickly skips to the main part of the book which is a detailed look at 12 tunes. Those tunes include Ain't To Proud to Beg, Daning In the Street, For One In My Life, Get Ready, I Can't Help Myself, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, I Second that Emotion, It's The Same Old Song, My Girl, My Guy, Reach Out I'll Be There, Shot Guy, Stop! In The Name of Love, What's Going On and You Keep Me Hanging On?

Buying Quality Gold Platinum

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Quality Jewelry Online

Gold, platinum and titanium are among the most coveted precious metals in the world. Jewelry crafted out of these pure substances is often highly valued and sought out by savvy consumers the world over. Learn everything you need to know about selecting quality pieces right here!

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is perhaps the most traditional form of quality jewelry worn by men and women alike in every culture and society of the world. Gold has been used to fashion attractive pieces for centuries. Many historians believe that gold was used as far back as pre-historic times by man as a tool. Later gold jewelry was first discovered dating to around 3000 BC. Gold first became widely used by the Egyptians, who combined gold with other precious metals to achieve varying looks, colors and durability.

Cocktail Rings in the Spotlight

Cocktail rings are fun, and just a bit flashy. Some women shy away from cocktail rings because they are flashy. These big rings, so often above six carats of costume jewelry fun, are meant to be huge! They are meant to be big and flashy! This is not the shy woman's accessory to stand in the background this season. Rings are an accessory that is just a bit over-the-top, and it is meant to stay that way.

Cocktail rings get you noticed. Its so easy to see why. When you are wearing a beautiful, canary yellow ring with CZ accenting stones surrounding it, this is a ring that is going to glimmer and shine and catch the light at every chance! Your ring is very much the accessory that will make you stand out from a crowd. Every woman looks unique and different wearing cocktail rings.

Colloidal Silver Tips for Purchase

Not all brands of Colloidal Silver are equal or of the same quality. Select a brand which is produced by the electro-colloidal, non-chemical method.

В·Look at the ingredients to see it contains only silver and de-mineralized or distilled water. If the ingredients include a stabilizer or any other trace elements, it might be a good idea to research this product well.

В·If it is suggested that the Colloidal Silver be refrigerated, this is an indication of another element present that could spoil. Colloidal Silver needs no refrigeration and should always be protected from freezing.

В·The ideal color of Colloidal Silver should be a golden yellow, unless it is produced in concentrated form to be diluted, in which case it may be a dense looking greenish gray with an orange cast in the light. (Concentrated Colloidal Silver should return to the clear, golden yellow after dilution) A darker color could indicate larger particles of silver, or that the water used contains minerals... so check the product out.

Colloidal Silver Facts Info

A colloid of silver consists of very small particles of pure silver (99.999%), suspended in pure steam-distilled water. No stabilizers, additives, or proteins, are added.

If stabilizers and/or proteins are added to ionic solutions, the particles can clump together and become too large. When this happens the particles are not easily absorbed into the blood stream and, therefore, are not very effective. This is an inferior product.

Based on these facts, the best colloidal silver available will contain NO additives, stabilizers, or proteins.

Silver Particle Size

Very small particles, specially as small as a single atom of silver (mono atomic).

Colloidal Silver Facts

Colloidal silver facts abound, but misinformation about colloidal silver facts is also plentiful. Our purpose here is to provide three colloidal silver facts, coupled with warnings.

Products sold under the general label "colloidal silver" may actually be any one of three distinct products.

Ionic silver

Silver protein

True colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver Fact - Ionic Silver

Most products labeled and sold as colloidal silver are, unfortunately, ionic silver. This is because it is so much easier and less costly to produce this type of silver product. Among misrepresented colloidal silver facts, this is perhaps the most common.

Colloidal Silver a Super Antibiotic

Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. Acting as a catalyst, it reportedly disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body and in the food.

Early Research Colloidal silver was in common use until 1938. Many remember their grandparents putting silver dollars in milk to prolong its freshness at room temperature. At the turn of the century, scientists had discovered that the body's most important fluids are colloidal in nature: suspended ultra-fine particles. Blood, for example, carries nutrition and oxygen to the body cells. This led to studies with colloidal silver. Prior to 1938, colloidal silver was used by physicians as a mainstream antibiotic treatment and was considered quite "high-tech." Production methods, however, were costly. The pharmaceutical industry moved in, causing colloidal research to be set aside in favor of fast working and financially lucrative drugs.

Colloidal Silver Confusion and Controversy

The information contained here is intended as a resource only and does not claim or promise that Colloidal Silver 'cures' infectious disorders or diseases. Any information herein is not to be taken as medical advice and the individual should consult the healer of their choice for such. It is, however, proven that silver has tremendous antimicrobial power and the history of safe and successful Colloidal Silver use is extensive.

I will attempt to pass information on to you, and with that in mind, you may decide for yourself. Please be open-minded in your research, and perhaps even a bit cautious. Some writings make references to Colloidal Silver and state facts which actually relate to Silver Salts or Silver Compounds. The result is confusion and even fear.